Tippmann tpx

E-Grip build:

Heck ASA:

Grip mod.:

Left valve is from a TCR and the right one is a TPX,TiPX valve. 


I´d like to know if new TiPX Valves milled like the TCR one ???


Testing the trigger switch:

Shooting TPX with ASA on back mod.:

Showing the mod. for vertfeed:

Shooting the vertfeeded TPX (start at 1.50min):

dam 20 Round Magazine "SpyMag"

The first Prototyp:

Upgraded first Prototyp:

The second Prototyp (SpyMag):

Spyder hammer 7 dam mag 

Showing Details and Shooting some reballs:

Short Shooting at the chrony:

Milsig m17 dam mag

In that vid i use the M17 to Show the "Spymag"

Tippmann A5 "Säge" Boxmag

Showing Details:

Short Clip of playing with the "Säge" A5 Boxmag:

Spyderflex mod.

Show how to aim with Spyderflex (used marker TippmannM98 M4 Mod.):

Tippmann m98 m4 mod

Short vid of cocking M98M4:



Latest Version (new handguard and shooting):

Semipump mod

Details and Shooting some reballs: